Hiking Michael D Antonovich Trail San Dimas Southern California

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Hiking Michael D Antonovich Trail San Dimas Southern California

Hiking Michael D Antonovich Trail San Dimas Southern California

This hike started as a public invite posted by Enrique. A few of us decided to check it out as we had nothing else planned for that day and needed to be back early. The meeting point was right off the 5 fwy in San Dimas, near the Canyon View School. Right across the freeway from Puddingstone Dam and Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park, the Michael D. Antonovich Trail lies tucked away on the northwest corner of the 57 and 10 freeways. Nestled within Walnut Creek Park, the trail is approximately 5.9 miles, depending on the route you take.

We headed out close to 7:15am, and for the most part, the hike was fairly easy. There were many trees that provided shade and that helped out a lot. There weren’t many people on the trail on the way out on this Sunday, but we would encounter some on the way back to our cars. We crossed the creek a few times and at its deepest only touched our lower shins. We chatted the whole way up, took a small break, and took some pictures before heading back to our cars. Our our way back, when we got to a major fork in the trail, we took a different route, which gave a much better work out, than on the way in. Mostly everyone broke out in a sweat. When we got to our cars, we chatted a bit then headed off and some us, including; JP, Dina, Ed, Enrique, Robert, and Patricia opted to have lunch at Zendejas Mexican Restaurant just north of the hike. All in all, it was great to experience a different trail with different people.

The trail is a great beginner hike and is listed as an intermediate hike on some places. We would say it is a light intermediate hike that mostly anyone can enjoy!

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  1. I really like your writing style, excellent information, appreciate it for posting : D.

    • The Grand Canyon is on my “bucket list” of places I want to visit with my caerma. I’ve flown over it, on my way to San Diego, but have never had the opportunity to visit. This is a perfect shot for Sunday Scenery, Ferd.

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